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Tara Coleman, San Diego, Calif.

Tara Coleman, San Diego, Calif.

Meet Tara Coleman –
Salada's First Ever Consumer Spokesperson!

Tara Coleman knows wellness. It’s her job. As a clinical nutritionist and owner of a San Diego-based nutrition consulting company, Tara specializes in creating customized eating plans for her clients and providing tips on eating well on a budget. She believes that small, realistic steps are the best way to achieve large health goals and that a little bit of nutrition planning can go a long way toward wellness.

Tara is the winner of the nationwide Salada Tea spokesperson search. She beat out hundreds of tea lovers from across the country to claim the title of spokesperson. For more on Tara, visit the About Tara page. To read interviews featuring Tara, click on News & Events

In her new role, Tara will provide nutrition tips as well as money saving suggestions and green ideas right here at For her words of wisdom, check out the Tips from Tara page.


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